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Here is the Yucca I painted yesterday.

Yucca in full bloom

Good friend and fellow artist Dottie Kern painted with me in the front pasture here on the ranch.  The Yuccas were beautiful.  Enjoy!

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Spring is finally here! Gruene was the place to be!

Cactus Jack's Yellow Umbrella

  Spring is finally here! Yea!  It has been a long winter for me with cedar fever following me every step of the way.  The trees are greening up and the birds are singing   What a glorious place God has created for us!

Out this past weekend at Cactus Jack's in Gruene, Tx to paint with the Texas Paint Slingers.  What an enjoyable day.  Left my tripod at the home so I made due with an ice chest and cinder block.  Painting turned out okay in spite of the precarious set up.  Heading back out today to paint the yucca...will keep you posted.

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